RE: NANFA-L-- PetsMart update

Irate Mormon (
Thu, 26 Jan 2006 15:58:23 -0600

"They may not care what you think, as difficult as that might be to
comprehend :)"

Perhaps. Their marketing strategy is probably driven by some MBA who
used to work-in-Target or Sears, and therefore has no idea what the
aquarium hobby is about.

"And I wouldn't take it personally if they don't get back to you. If I
them, I wouldn't answer either"

I don't take it personally as an aquarist, but as a retailer (certainly
no novice-in-this stuff) I find their strategy to be ill conceived. My
query to them implied no criticism, but I would like to think they can
be led down a better path. Also, speaking as a retailer, this is
exactly the kind of question people routinely ask ("Why don't you sell
such-and-such"). The usual answer is "Because we don't sell enough of
it to justify the shelf space it takes up." My point is, if you don't
offer your customers a choice of buying just the males (and who else in
the pet business does?), then they will buy the pair/trio and the
retailer will make more money.
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