NANFA-L-- Darter Elevator

Subject: NANFA-L-- Darter Elevator
From: Mark (
Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 08:44:04 CDT

For you lonely fish hearts out there -

 From the that "other" list, an anecdote from Luke:

"I noticed a funny behavior the other day in one of my Orangethroat
darters. I keep them in a 28 gallon tank with a few Crescent
Goodeids and Rosey Red's rescued from the feeder bag. Anyway, I like
to feed freeze dried bloodworms as my staple food, and since they
float on top for a long time, the darters have learned to swim up to
pick them off. However, I noticed a few days ago a darter had
figured out a better way. I have a large "mystery snail" about as
big around as a gold ball in there to clean the algae up, and it was
slowly making it's way to the surface...with a darter sitting on top
of it like it was an elevator. The darter was patient during the
ride, constantly eyeing the particular morsel it wanted to pick off.
When it got about an inch and a half from the surface, it jumped off,
grabbed it's food and headed back down. Saved all that energy in the
process too. It was quite funny to see."
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