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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Plants with the natives
From: Todd Crail (
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 10:46:15 CDT


I've been using hornwort to get the tank established (it really sucks up the
ammonia) and then switching to valiserna (store bought and wild take), java
fern and anacharis (elodea) after the initial break in is over. I remove
the hornwort-in-a point where it's out competing the other plants, to give
them the reboost. I use a 3-4"sand substrate made of regular old play sand.
Laterite or flourite are optional, but do contribute to better early success
with the rooting stuff while the sandbed is still new and nutrients haven't
been all that reduced by it.


Just in case you wanted to trouble shoot :)

I was under the impression that potassium wasn't used by nonvascular, single
cellular algaes and cyanobacteria, and that it was usually the limiting
nutrient for plant growth. Phosphate, however, was the culprit in producing
those simple algae, both in the tank and in the streams. Perhaps if you
controlled for PO4 using store water for a few water changes, you might be
able to nail the culprit. I wonder if the lighting doesn't have anything to
do with it?

Good to have the list back... I can stop having the shakes now :)

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> Now that I am on hard well-water which is softened using KCl,
> means that with a high K content, the algae growth is darn fast.
> The regular plants hardly get a chance to grow.
> Najas guadalupensis and Christmas Moss does well, though.

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