Re: NANFA-L-- Contact-in-PA F&GC?

Michael Lucas (
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 18:52:49 -0400

Are the Bluebreast, Tippecanoe and Variegates all not state listed in
PA or just the Variegates?

Also, I'm dissappointed but it looks like I will not be joining you
all, several conflicts have arisen.

Regarding spotted darters I've found them to be abundant in French
Creek-in-all the sites I'm aware of, but I believe they are protected.
Should have no problem seeing them though. The last time time I was
there (late summer or fall of 2004) I caught all of the above except
Gilt and Longhead plus Blacksides, Bandeds, Greensides and Rainbows in
fair numbers using the Perfect Dipnet. The time before that found all
of them using a 4 foot seine.

I'll contact you off list with some sites I'm familiar with.
Mike Lucas

On 7/12/05, Crail, Todd <> wrote:
> Howdy gang... I've been doing a little work preparing for our French Creek
> outing. I haven't heard from Wally, so we'll probably not be able to count
> on his guidance. But I think we can put together a really nice trip. I
> found a website with photos of all the bridges crossing French Creek that
> also has information about parking and in many cases, the way the stream
> looks below the bridge. I may even go out and scout during the week next
> week.
> I've also scanned the offering of materials made by the PA Fish and Game
> Commission to find out what is legal to take with a PA fishing liscence.
> This is a little bit opposite of what I'm used to. I wondered if anyone had
> a contact-in-the Commission who can affirm what I and others have read in
> the regulations?
> As someone mentioned before... It appears that we can have two, non-state
> listed, amphibians (which includes hellbenders) in our possession per
> liscence, and up to 50 live mussels (which I assume applies for the relicts
> I would actually like to collect) besides the two species on the Fed list
> (which you _really_ don't want in your possession, dead or alive).
> On the other hand, we can only use a 4' seine to try and view all the
> showboat state listed darters we just want to take a look at, photograph and
> send back on their way. I should have applied for a Science and Education
> Permit, but hindsight is 20/20, and they need 15 days to process, and my
> advisor is going to want to see other documents in my hand for his perusal,
> if you know what I mean ;)
> So I'm thinking dip nets and/or snorkeling are going to be key on this
> trip... Will work very well for the bluebreast, tippecanoe, variegate (not
> listed btw) and the madtoms. Might get lucky and catch a spotted, longhead
> or gilt that way (I've caught spotted with dipnet, but not reliably).
> Todd
> The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH
> It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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