Re: NANFA-L-- email list guidelines?

Derek Parr (
Thu, 14 Jul 2005 18:53:47 -0400

Peter Unmack wrote:

> On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Derek Parr wrote:
>>I think we may be getting heavily into the personal tastes arena..
>>Because, even though I may be the only one, I actually prefer having the
>>whole thread included.
> That's fine for those people who get individual messages, but the digest
> is all of those messages concatenated together, thus for every comment
> someone sends to list you have to scroll through the whole entire thread
> everytime to get to the next message which can get difficult to follow.

And I certainly sympathize with your plight, but my point is that your
suggested solution would only create an equally annoying problem me. So
where is the balance? or are we allready there?

> And to clarify one thing, I didn't state this was the rule, this is just
> common nettiquette. If one chooses not to do it then so be it, you aren't
> going to be tossed off the list or anything, it just makes life a little
> easier for some of the other folks on the list. And with most things,
> there are pros and cons to every approach. Sometimes it is nice to have
> the entire thread there if you come into the thread late in the game.

no problem. I understood that we were discussing "nettiquette" not
"laws". I apologize if I used the wrong word.
But again, the point that I'm trying to make is that what would be good
for one, would be bad for another. But I am comfortable with "good enough".

>>as for the html email bit.. I 100% agree, but some email programs are
>>limited in their abilities to do "normal" text email,
> There are no programs that are limited to only html emails, all can be
> configured to send plain text emails.

well... I'm not really willing to get distracted by this, but on macs,
they can and do exist.

>>and of course the fact that many people aren't as interested as you or
>>me in becoming email experts. ;]
> Which is why it can never be enforced as a rule as it is impossible to
> ever get everyone doing the same (or similar) thing. But the more people
> that do follow the guidelines make it easier on some of the other folks
> who only get digests.

But again we then run into the possibility that what would improve
things for one group would cause aggravation for another. Which is why
I prefer finding client-side solutions to such problems.

I use to use digests... but as we've discussed .. they can be a pain.
So I rigged my email program to send all list emails to their own
folder. Then I have all the organization of a digest, but none of
complexities we've discussed. I'm open to debate on what a digest has
thats better than this solution.

-derek parr
cape fear river basin, chapel hill, NC
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