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so much to say and think. if it was not for roads and maps and gear i could
not scout these streams. i am part of the problem. i too want a home by a
mountain stream tho i would strive to keep and protect what is there. i can
myself in a fight with the guy that moves upstream and begins to do do who
knows what to the streams banks, watershed, yard, trash, driveway, yardwaste,
pesticides, daming for a pond, ..... ive seen so many horrible sights.

No need to get into that fight Casper, nor is calling something what it is,
necessarily pessimistic. It is a loss, wether people realize they've lost it
or not. That's an indisputable fact (that something was lost).

Now... Good, bad, better, stupid, idiot... Those all imply perspective, and I
feel really need to stay out of Conservation awareness work _if_
Conservationists want to accomplish their objectives. By leaving perspective
out, I've learned _anyone_ you meet has a higher potential to become a student
of the awareness because you haven't alienated them-in-the git go. And by
goodness, you are going to leave an impression favorable to your cause as a
friendly, interesting _person_ rather than as a dogmatic preacher (you can
leave an impression that way too ;).

So keep doing what you're doing Casper. Keep writing about all those
beautiful critters you've enjoyed in your free time. And maintain your
undertone that there's no black and white ("Only a Sith Lord deals in
absolutes" lol), that you're also part of the issue, and are seeking ways to
lighten your footprint on the planet. People can get behind that, because
then they don't have to be a high and mighty perfect being either.

Once it's posted on the list, it becomes part of the public record through the
list archive. You never know who's going to read it then.... That's how I ran
across my main man Jeff G. I took some pictures of some "shiners" in a local
creek that people impact pretty harshly, slapped them on the web, and had an
email address associated with it.

And then you'd never had been looking-in-Chick and Spring Creek with him...
Much else, would I even have been there if we didn't write about these fishes
here? Tie your brain around that one lol. I can't think of many other ways
we'd crossed paths :)

The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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