Re: NANFA-L-- New Member from NW Wisconsin

Christopher Scharpf (
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 06:59:57 -0400

> I'm a book person so I've got a small library started and am saving up to
> get Becker's Fishes of Wisconsin.

Hi, Doug,

Be sure to pick up WISCONSIN FISHES 2000, by NANFA members John Lyons and
Phil Cochran, if you haven't already. It provides a useful update of the
1983 Becker book.

Good luck finding a copy of Becker. It's out-of-print and pretty expensive
(>$100) when it does surface. Lyons and Cochran (and others) are writing a
new edition, but it's years away.

Other resources:

A preliminary version of an innovative photo-based system for identifying
the fishes of Wisconsin is online at:

Click on 3Research2 and then on 3Online system for identifying fishes.2
You9ll need a fast Internet connection (i.e., not a phone modem) to really
use this system. Also available online is a fish distribution mapping
program for Wisconsin fishes:

Again, a fast Internet connection is needed.

Chris Scharpf
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