Re: NANFA-L-- darter identification

Peter Unmack (peter.lists at)
Thu, 28 Jul 2005 23:15:27 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005, madtom wrote:

> Peter, I'm wondering what species you collected in western OK. Any
> pupfish or plains killies? what about speckled chubs? Please let us know
> the what's and where's.

Everything was taken with a 20ft seine. We sampled the lowermost road
crossing on the Salt Fork of the Red River and caught most of the fishes
there including a great haul of good sized speckled chubs (with a little
effort we got ~60 adult fish ~2 inches or so each). Only found a couple
pupfish and zebrinus. Our other site on the Salt Fork was-in-Mangum where
the river was almost dry. Lots of pupfish and zebrinus here, along with
Hybognathus placitus and Notropis bairdi as well as a few of some other
species. The other site was Turkey Creek. Caught a large number of
suckermouth minnows here, some reasonable sized ones too, maybe 3 inches
or so.

Peter Unmack
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