NANFA-L-- seinerama 2
Wed, 5 Jul 2006 10:57:16 EDT

nanfa fishheads...
ive just had a couple cancel for the seinerama 2. we were booked up but now
i have a couple last minute openings if anyone is interested.
here is my latest emailing to attendies:
if interested best let me know asap.

hi all...
here is an update and our schedule:

Arrival, Thursday July 6th:
Early arrivals ( noonish ) could meet-in-my house and tour the cement pond,
South Chickamauga Creek and Audubon Acres. ( directions-in-the end of this
post )

A behind the scenes tour is offered ( 3pm... if enough of you can make it )
at the Tennessee Aquarium Facility on Amnicola Highway. Matt Hamilton is
working with the Barrens Topminnows and several other native species and will
lead the visit. Matt will also be participating in our field activities! Both
him and Ed should keep us from the typical ID wrestling debates!

Later arrivals ( 6pm and on ) should meet-in-the Pot Point House. (
directions-in-the end of this post )

After 6 pm Friday we will still have about 3 hours of sunlight to settle in.
I will have snacks, sandwich makings, chips, dips and such for a light
tabletop dinner. Maybe more if someone special helps out.
I would suggest bringing towels, sleeping bags, pajamas and pillows but
linens are provided. One room will be for the men and the other for the ladies.
The house sleeps 10. I'm excited about all the ladies attending. They are much
welcome. This is a nice change of pace from our typical NANFA outings! Bob
and his wife will be staying in their California camper.

After a light non cooking breakfast ( i will have fruits, milk, juice,
cereals, breads stocked ) we will seine the Tennessee River-in-2 or 3 locations,
have a lunch of cheeseburgers and fries-in-Davis's Bait Shop and visit the
Sequatchie River and the Little Sequatchie River in the afternoon. At the end of
the afternoon we will stop by the Keener Farm and pickup supplies for our
Sunday morning breakfast. After Friday's field activites we will return to the
House before dark for a group cooked meal with everyone pitching in. This
will be our cullinary extrodinaire night with sculpins, redhorse, gar and
whatever we catch on the menu... so bring your fishing rods and nets! Ed's bringing
the fondue pot and kabob's.

Another light breakfast with a 2 hour drive northeast to the Hiwassee River.
This water can rise fast with dam releases so we may have to retreat to the
adjacent and pretty Spring Creek. After field / picnic lunches ( individually
made-in-the House that morning ) we will head south on 411 to the Conasauga
River. A couple nice spots are convenient here. About 7:00 we will head back
and immediatly stop by a Cajun restaurant for our evening meal. Then we will
make the 1 hour plus drive back to the House. This will be a long day. Bring
along a towel and clean shirt for the restaurant. A well deserved sleep will
take us away.

Let's have a nice relaxing breakfast from the Keener Farm's bounty, group
clean the house, pack our gear, lock the door and head over to the Tenneessee
Aquarium for a tour noonish. A final group late lunch / early dinner across
the street-in-the Big River Grill or Blue Plate and redisperse to our homes

Have your Tn fishing license already ( via website:
_ ( ) and a tank full of gas upon arriving
at the Pot Point House. Remember, no mass collecting, a few fish are
probably ok though TWRA says otherwise. We dont want to run afoul of the law.
Be considerent of others and dont make everyone wait while you do what you
should have already done.
Settle up immediately with me for you and your spouses remaining fees. Each
participant's total is $100 irregardless of where or how long you stay. All
monies will go to our activities and anything left over will go to NANFA.

I will have a packed iced cooler for drinks and road snacks, and plenty of
food will be stocked in the kitchen cupboards for breakfasts, lunchs and our
Friday night dinner.
Everyone needs to pitch in and help with cooking, cleaning and such. I will
have enough to do trying to keep everything moving along and on schedule so
please help me. I dont wanna get stuck cleaning dishes or sweeping the floor.
We are a group so let us work together for the benefit of all.
The Pot Point House is smoke free. No smoking inside.
Composting bins are outside. Lets use them. All trash must be carried off so
lets keep it to a minimum by composting.
Of course the women folk are welcome to attend the field activities. If
however they want a day off i would suggest Friday to stay around the House or
visit Chattanooga. Saturday would be the best day for everyone to participate
as it is a long drive and we will have our cajun dinner while out on the road
home. ( However if ladies would like to stay-in-the house and cook a saturday
night meal we might change the cajun restaurant plan. )
Lets try to keep our caravan tight. 2 or even 3 people per vehicle. Keep
your phones handy.
Be prepared and have fun!

I need will volunteers for the American Currents report of the trip:
Species Scribe
( It's also kinda fun to have everyone write a paragraph or so of their
highlights to incorporate into the report. )

i also need folk's mobile numbers in case we get seperated. I will print
them with directions for a passout to each attendie.

Casper: 423-624-0721 (W)
423-485-9541 (H)
423-645-7699 (M)

John & Karen Duktig:
Ed Scott ( & Susan ):
Martin & Kay Moore:
Stott & Leigh Noble:
Bob Sinclair:
Michael Wolfe:
Matt Hamilton:
Anna George:
Carol Farmer:

Directions to my home:
( TN Gazeer pages 24 and 25-in-the Georgia state line ) Less than 1 mile
south of the i24 and i75 junction take the Ringgold Road / East Ridge / Highway
41 exit. Head south ( eastwardly ) on Highway 41 / Ringgold Road point .7
mile. Turn left onto Frawley Road. Go another point .7 mile and turn right-in-a
big blue fish mailbox. This is my driveway, steep and a bit rough.

Directions to the TN Aquarium Faclity on Amnicola: Upcoming if enough people
are interested and can make it.

Directions to the Pot House:
>From Downtown Chattanooga ( to... TN Gazeer page 24 D2 )
Take U.S. 27 North toward Signal Mountain. Take the Signal Mountain Exit
U.S. 127 North. Proceed toward Signal Mountain.
At the base of Signal Mountain,-in-the intersection of U.S. 127 North and
Highway 27 West, turn left onto Highway 27.
Proceed exactly 4 miles. Just beyond "The Little Store" on your left, you
will come to the new bridge-in-Suck Creek. At the end of the bridge, take a
sharp left onto a country road that runs parallel to the river. ( If you begin
going up the mountain after Suck Creek bridge, you have missed your turn! )
>From the Suck Creek bridge to the Pot House is 4 miles. It is a two-story
cabin on the left. Please drive up the gravel road on your immediate right then
turn again into the parking lot. We prefer you not drive down the Pot House
driveway unless you are dropping something off.

Tennessee River Gorge Trust's website:
_ (

Seinerama 1 report:


ok... here you go... what i need from each of you...
i need your cell numbers, your wife's or girlfriend's name if they will be
attending, any questions or suggestions and your anticipated time of arrival so
i can determine if we can do the TN Aquarium facility tour on thursday.

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