Re: NANFA-L-- seinerama 2/collecting
Wed, 5 Jul 2006 12:02:43 EDT

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So you are saying essentially you can't collect in Tennessee ???

Jim Graham
Hasting MI
Thornapple River drainage

so i have been told by cfi, twra, tva fisheries and folks-in-the tn
aquarium. however that info is not published nor stated in the tn fishing license
rules and regulation annual magazine. hooks can still be put in darters to catch
bass. unlisted nongame fish can still be used as baitfish.
seinerama attendies will be ok w/ some collecting tho i would have concerns
about any overcollecting so thus that is mentioned. the folks that are
attending enjoy the experience of fellowship, seeing the fish and their environment
and participating in the meals and activities we have planned. we will have
an excellent time.
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