NANFA-L-- Collecting Rules (was Seinerama)

Gerald Pottern (
Thu, 6 Jul 2006 10:25:47 -0700 (PDT)

Sounds like we have an Ad-Hoc Committee on Native Fish
Collecting Rules in the making. Yes NANFA could have
some agency influence that our members alone do not
(maybe with NFC as a co-sponsor). We need clarity to
avoid being stopped by nervous inspectors trying to do
their job, upholding ambiguous or conflicting laws,
like what happened to Friedrich. Besides Arkansas
(thanks Brian !) does any other state have rules
designed for fishgeeks like us ? NC does not; just
the typical "bait fish" regs.
I'd be wary of using a species-based bag limit, since
that places the species ID burden on the inspector,
and we often take fish that are hard to ID.

gerald, hangin on the Neuse

Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 13:46:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: matt ashton <>
Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- seinerama 2/collecting

Now that is the kinda clarification I'm talking about!
Better then the
"Up to 500 baitfish can be kept" which is paraphrasing
the Ohio regs
and they loosely define baitfish using a combo of
common and family level

That is really what I think the future needs to be,
where its going,
and what NANFA should be lobbying for to ensure
responsible native fish
collection can continue. I would rather the
organization be proactive
than reactive to current and future collection and
posession laws. The
only other situation that causes a vauge regulation to
be clarified is
when something bad happens. Then it goes to the
extreme end and we
loose the resource all together. What about the
notion rather than a
fishing license, a native stamp, sort of like a trout
stamp, or a
'naturalists' permit. Not as complex and inclusive as
a scientific permit, which
the general public usually cannot get, but like
Casper's example from
Brian Wagner, sets quantiative guidelines and
clarifies the whole 'bait'
mess up to properly manages non-game resources. The
native stamp would
be along the same lines, say purchase for a small fee,
which hopefully
a portion could go into natives conservation, that
collecting and possession. That could greatly
benefit NANFA'ns who
buy an out of state 3 day license-in-a HUGE fee when
instead they could
buy a native stamp.

Cookeville, TN wrote:
the best "collecting" laws i have heard of, were
helped and created by last year's convention host,
brian wagner of arkansas. individuals are allowed to
keep in their possesion or home aquaria 6 or so
individuals of each species of unlisted non-game fish.
that would make most folks content nationwide.
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