Re: NANFA-L-- Texas Man Catches Fish With Human-Like Teeth
Fri, 21 Jul 2006 14:01:56 +0700

Though the pic doesn't come through I think it's the one. It is first
a sort of aquarium species, and then the fisheries department and some
farms promoted it as new food fish, labelling it "freshwater pomfret"
and failed to make it as good price food fish [it is sold-in-low price
now]. It is then released in major rivers, ponds and reservoirs.
More are escaped from aquaculture ponds. Strangly they don't seem to
breed on their own in the natural habitat here.

Tony wrote:
> Is this the fish (attached) you are talking about? It might be
> Colossoma bidens, called piripatinga in its native land (Amazon
> basin), where other, much smaller fishes are called pacu. This fish
> is in aquaculture in various parts of the world. It is eaten in
> Brazil, but not preferred so much as _C. macropomum_, which I can
> attest is delicious. AFS has a publication on scientific and common
> names of fishes from other contries important to the U.S. It's-in-my
> office, where I am not right now. The red coloration may be an
> artifact of cultivation, or it may have been selected for, but it is
> not typical of wild piripatinga.
> Goulding describes piripatinga as reaching 20kg, and being the second
> largest scaled characid in the Amazon, after tambiqui, which reaches
> 25 kg.
> the fish caught in Texas appears, from its lighter dorsal, darker
> venter, rather than the other way around, to be tambiqui.
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