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Dave Neely (
Sun, 23 Jul 2006 18:16:54 -0500

Hey all, the past several days have been interesting. The storms that came
through last week knocked out power to my house on Thusday, and it's still
down. I have a 6V-powered mino-mizer running on the tank with "critical"
fish (stuff that would be near-impossible to replace, like a couple
undescribed things) and they're still OK, but I've had heavy losses in the
others. I've been getting about 16-18h out of each battery. I guess I need
to make sure I have a better supply of aerators and batteries on hand in the
future. At least the temperature has dropped a bit. Still, I've been
debating pulling everything out of tanks and getting them into coolers with
a couple inches of water, which might keep O2 concentrations higher, or even
renting an O2 cylinder from Airgas...

Anyway, my minor problems aside, what does everyone else do for backup in
case this kind of thing happens? While I'd like to have a 5000W generator
around (which could also power an electrofishing boat quite nicely -
hmmm...), I can't justify the expense right now. This of course begs the
question of what kind of systems a facility handling T&E species would have
to have in place? Pat? J.R.?

Any suggestions?


along the mighty Mississippi,
St. Louis, MO

David A. Neely
Dept. of Biology
St. Louis University
St. Louis, MO 63103 USA
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