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Bob Culler (
Wed, 26 Jul 2006 09:38:15 -0400

Mrs. Ranger Bob here (so don't blame Bob for what I'm about to say),
This whole incident took only 3 days? I doubt that many of us would
be able to relocate 10 large fish to someplace outside the state in
that length of time. Especially if we were also running a full time
business-in-the time.
My thought is... when faced with "Get rid of your illegal fish today
or get a hefty fine tomorrow" what are most people (not like us
environmentally conscious folks) gonna do? Probably take them to the
nearest lake, river or stream and let them go. The exact thing the
new law is trying to avoid. Note: I'm not arguing against the
law... just the length of time in which this particular incident
took place.
This article does not give us enough information as to the attitude
of the game warden on the first visit to say whether the restaurant
owner should have taken him more seriously-in-that time. He could
have been acting with a friendly, nonchalant mood or he could have
been acting very officially. We don't know.
Either way, seeing as this was not a serious human health issue
(being in a restaurant), MY opinion is that the owner should have
been given time to make arrangements for the relocation of the fish,
once he was made aware of the issue. By my calculations, there was
far less than 72 hours from the time the owner was first notified
until the confiscation of his fish. I was a safety director in a
manufacturing plant for a while and even OSHA gives you time to fix
safety violations that aren't immediately life threatening (well,
depending on the violation).

Betsy Culler
East Tn.

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