Re: NANFA-L-- coastal plain collecting trip

Dave Neely (
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 09:01:09 -0500

>Yes, have included what Dave Neely identified below. Information the
>second site it a bit patchy, if anyone wants to add species to the list
>please do so as we both weren't paying as much attention there.

Hmmm, I knew I should have been paying more attention that day. I'm still
kicking myself for not noticing the pallid shiners earlier and not getting
photos. Also sorry for leading folks wrong with a provisional field ID of
Cyprinella camura for some deep-bodied shiners - they turned out to just be
C. whipplei (sheesh, you'd think I would have noticed that they didn't have
a big honking white tail base!). The species list I came up with for the
second site is a little shaky and based almost entirely on memory (which
after so much Diamond Bear is a tad suspect - thanks again Brian!!).

The upper Saline site is well out of the range of rainbows, so scratch that
one off the list (guess I was getting that site confused with the first one
on Sunday) but there was certainly a lot of color variation in the creole
darters we got...

Bob, what's the head and body shape of that darter like and how big is it -
I can't think of anything greyish from that area...

Anyone else catch or keep anything from there that isn't on the list below?


North Fork of Saline River-in-AR Hwy 5 just NW of Benton, Saline
Co., AR. 34.6053N, 92.6186W 10 June 2005

Species diversity = 10++
Campostoma sp.
Lythrurus umbratilis
Notropis boops
Semotilus atromaculatus - 4
Fundulus catenatus
Fundulus olivaceus
Lepomis megalotis
Etheostoma blennioides
Etheostoma collettei
Etheostoma stigmaeum
Etheostoma zonale

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