NANFA-L-- trip photos

Derek Parr (
Tue, 21 Jun 2005 17:00:43 -0400

got my trip photos online.

went down to Lake Lanier for a 5k open swim race.
Then took the long way back up through Dahlonega into the Natahala
Forest in NC where I camped out and on through the Pisgah Forest before
heading I-40 to take the fast track home, in Chapel Hill, NC.

Stopped-in-the Chestatee, Little Tennessee, and others I need to check
the map to remember. Got some really beautiful fish. Looks like one of
the darters is a redline, another a greenfin perhaps? not sure about
the others. I think the shiner is a yellow fin .. but still not sure..
if it is .. I fortunately caught it in GA not NC, like the other fish.
I'm starting to think that maybe I need to bring a lawyer with me next
time I do this. ;]

Also caught some really beautiful chub suckers the old fashioned way.
Using a fishin pole and some worms. Really spetacular coloring,, blue
bodys yellow fins.. and those horn things. reall cool.

Also a couple unknown crayfish. And a small sunfish which may be a
flier? or a green... or something else.. not sure.

The darters are incredible though. They are what I was really looking
for, since I've never really seen any of these fish outside of a book
before. The redline (i think) and greenfin are truely impressive. I
hope I don't kill them. It was quite an adventure capturing them. It
was the last place I stopped-in-in the Pisgah Forest.. Pigeon Creek or
River I think.. I'll go back and check the map later to be sure. There
was a storm coming .. thunder.. high altitude lightning. So in a rush
I kick rocks and lift my net and within about 30 square feet and in
10-15 minutes I find 7 darters and 4 different species. I think I'll
have to take another trip to the Pisgah area, incredibly beautiful above
water and under it.


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