NANFA-L-- Fishes of the Middle Savannah River Basin 2nd chance

Christopher Scharpf (
Fri, 24 Jun 2005 07:49:34 -0400

>From Michael Wolfe:

OK fellow NANFAns here is a repeat offer that several of you expressed an
interest in during the convention. My wife is going to go over to UGA
Press again and get me another copy of a "Snakes of Southeastern US" book
(I gave my copy yo Heather-in-the convention). This will give me an
opportunity to get additional copies of the Fishes of the Middle Savannah
River Basin for anyone that wants one. If I tell them that these are
additional copies that I need based on all of the others being sold-in-the
convention, I think that they will still give me the 30% discount... but
this time you will also have to pay for the shipping (which I will do at
the USPS media rate... cheapest... also slowest). It cost $3.50 from here
to Chapel Hill, NC so it will likely be more than that if you live farther

Let me know who wants one (or more than one) and I will manage the details
and the shipping. You will pay $45.50 plus the actual postage costs.

Michael Wolfe
Oconee River Basin, North Georgia

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