Re: NANFA-L-- "Activists want fish off aquarium menu..."
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I have many concerns about PETA, but I cannot agree with your
positions. People do have legitimate, rational reasons for taking
positions, even vegetarians. And you really have no reason to claim
that PETA or any other organization you disagree with would fail to
accord you fair treatment were you an advocate of something or other.
PETA is extreme, and advocates things I don't agree with - particularly
their position that pets are slaves, and that use of laboratory
research animals is never justified. I don't think it makes sense for
me to say that I will oppose anything and everything that such a group
supports, though. They might get something right sometime. I think
the aquarium manager made a much more reasonable response than you did.


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Date: Thursday, June 30, 2005 3:05 pm
Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- "Activists want fish off aquarium menu..."

> There was a comedian a few years ago who had a comedy routine
> based on eating
> fish-in-an aquariums restaurant, something to the effect of, they
> might be
> serving the slow learners. I thought it was funny but I'm not
> surprised to see
> someone take it seriously. These people never give up, it's part
> of what makes
> the extremists of any group dangerous. We as a group tolerate,
> even guarantee
> them the right to show their lack of tolerance to us but if the
> tables are
> turned we wouldn't get the same treatment. Personally I think
> these people
> operate more from a desire to exercise control over others than a
> commitment to a
> cause. If I think that doing something is wrong I don't do it but
> some people
> feel a great need to keep others from doing what ever it is they
> feel is wrong
> as well. It would be dangerous to vilify, ridicule or even ignore
> these people,
> they should be opposed-in-every turn. Even if what ever the cause
> is happens
> to be something you agree with you should oppose the need for
> these people to
> control the actions of others. If you don't want to eat meat,
> fish,
> crustaceans, or any other animal, then don't. But oppose those
> that would make it
> mandatory to stop eating animals for fear of losing some other
> freedom opposed by
> some other group.
> Michael
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