Re: NANFA-L-- Spring Fling - The Preliminary Picture.

Dave Neely (
Mon, 14 Mar 2005 13:43:21 -0600

Hi Todd,

Glad to hear the trip went well, wish I could have tagged along...but Mexico
was pretty doggone fun, too. :) ...and I have to agree with Jan, the pics

If the snubnoses are from Shelbysville (there's no Collinsville on the
Duck), then they're an undescribed form of simoterum that Steve Powers is
currently describing. In the Duck, E. duryi is only well upstream of there,
where the river comes off the edge of the Highland Rim.

Maybe I should provide a couple phoquaria for the auction in Arkansas this
year! Actually, of late I've been really impressed with a couple friends who
are using a small (2-5 gal) tank like yours, with an extra piece of glass
close to the front pane to hold the fish in position, and held in place by
grooves cut into the top of the plastic rim. You can landscape with gravel,
rocks against the back, etc. and it looks mighty good. Two other things that
help are using a small filter on an AC adapter to get fine particulates out
of the water (they catch the light and cause backscatter), and using a
12"x12" piece of black foam-core board with a hole cut in the center for the
camera lens to eliminate reflections off the glass.

The two mystery minnows look like stargazing minnow, Phenacobius uranops,
but if you got up on the Blue Ridge they might be fatlips...


along the muddy Mississippi, St. Louis, MO

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