Re: NANFA-L-- photo tank

Dave Neely (
Sun, 20 Mar 2005 12:28:40 -0600


I have a PUR filter for backpacking and a Brita-in-home, and the filtration
rate on both is pretty slow, especially if you're trying to fill a
couple-gallon tank before the fish loses its colors in the bucket. It takes
long enough to set up all the assorted stuff associated with taking nice
photos, that for me its easier just dragging an old military-surplus water
jug with de-chorinated tap water along. Of course, other folks are probably
more patient than me. The best series of fish pics I've managed to take were
actually taken with a store-bought jug of "spring water" that I'd originally
meant to drink!

Keep in mind that if your substrate isn't extremely clean the act of dumping
water into the tank (no matter how gentle you try to be) will resuspend any
fine stuff and render it moot anyway...which is why a small filter works so


> > How about one of those Brita filtering do-hinkies? They're not
> > and you would just dip the pitcher in the stream and them pour.
>Have you ever tried this? Anyone else?

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