NANFA-L-- Whoops, forgot the details

Mysteryman (
Wed, 23 Mar 2005 10:34:15 -0800

There's about an even mix of 20's and 30's, ( around twenty each ) and
they don't look TOO bad after being cleaned up. I am asking 10 and 15
bucks, but deep quantity discounts apply.

The UV's were about 250 bucks each new, ( BIG 64-watt units, five feet
long ) and they've never been used. I also have a new bulb. It looks
like the two of them may possibly have to be cannibalized to make one
that works, due to rust buildup, or maybe not, so the both of them plus
the new bulb can go for $100 OBO.

The big skimmer has a 12 inch diameter and is around five feet tall.
Definately not a hang-on-back model. Never used, but might need a new
pump due to rust, or maybe not. This bad boy was nearly 500 bucks when
new, but now $125 OBO will buy it.

The 135 has a full cabinet wooden stand and a matching canopy. The tank
also comes with glass lids, an undergravel filter, 4 big powerheads,
gravel, and two shop lights. The tank has water stains on the glass
which would need removal before the tank would be fit as a display, but
it would be good for lots of other things. Asking $300, but not
expecting it.

The 250 gallon acrylic unit was over four thousand bucks new, but now
$350 will get it. The lights are new, but it'll need a new external
pump. I was going to put a pump on it, but decided against it since the
new owner would possibly want to change it anyway to suit his own
desired flow rate.

The ozone generator is a 300/hour size unit. It is a UV-based unit, so
no air dryer is needed. Like new, never used. $50. Includes new spare

These are the main things. There are also about 60 shop light fixtures,
and lots of wood which is currently in the form of tank racks which once
held 100 tanks. All super cheap. There are a few other odd bits as well.
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