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Dean A. Markley wrote:
> I hope this is "on topic" so here goes: I have lived in Pennsylvania all my life (47 years, uggh) and for all of that the PA Fish Commissions main focus has been trout fishing and the associated stocking programs. I am told that most of the Fish Commissions budget goes for trout programs. If this is true, it kind of upsets me for a few reasons:
> 1. They stock Brooks, Rainbows, and Browns. Now only Brooks are native to PA so why stock with an invasive species? (yeah yeah, cause people like to catch them).
> 2. With such great fish as smallmouth, largemouth and walleyes, why aren't they propagated and stocked more instead? And yes, I know some is done but I suspect it is insignificant compared to trout.
> 3. I understand that Bowfin and Longnose Gar used to be common in the lower Susquehanna region but now they are rare if not extirpated. I do recall a Bowfin being caught in the Susquehanna a few years back. Why doesn't the Fish Commission raise and stock these interesting fish?
> Just rambling here so do I have any sort of case?
> Dean
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A case? Are you going to sue the state?

As for the Bowfin and Gar, I can only guess that the state doesn't see
an adequate return on its money. Not many Bowfin and Gar fishermen.
Sucks, but I'll bet that's the problem.

I'm sure the preference toward Trout is a regional thing. Lots of people
up there like trout, but having not been so exposed to bass, aren't
really enthused by them. The reverse is true down here; we're all bass
fishermen, but most don't give much thought to trout. Again, it's a
return on investment thing, I think.

Bass are only native to the western portion of PA, right? That doesn't
include the Susquehannah, does it? Would untaking a big program to put
them there really be a good idea? I'm only guessing here since I don't
have a map handy.

Oh, this all reminds me of something. In Dubois, PA in front of the
Pilot truckstop there runs a ditch. In this ditch are some interesting
minnows. They look like big, overgrown Zebra Danios with half their
stripes missing. that is, they are blue and gold striped dorsally to
about halfway down, and then the stripes vanish, leaving a light brown.
I haven't been able to figure out just what these are. Does anybody have
a clue?
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