Re: NANFA-L-- How Does Everyone Feel About.....

Mysteryman (
Wed, 23 Mar 2005 16:54:50 -0800

christian lawrence wrote:
> Oh, this all reminds me of something. In Dubois, PA in front of the
> Pilot truckstop there runs a ditch. In this ditch are some interesting
> minnows. They look like big, overgrown Zebra Danios with half their
> stripes missing. that is, they are blue and gold striped dorsally to
> about halfway down, and then the stripes vanish, leaving a light brown.
> I haven't been able to figure out just what these are. Does anybody have
> a clue?
> Are/were the fish in this ditch during the warmer months? Danio
> aequipinnatus, perhaps?
> Chris Lawrence
Nah, these weren't Giant danios, or any danios. These were fairly
chubby/cylindrical fish,-in-least in comparison to a danio, and not
laterally compressed to any significant degree. They seemed obviously
native types. It was warm when I found them, but it's never really
summer there, is it?
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