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>>I don't know if this just got over looked with all the other discussions
that are going on or if such a book does not exist, but here it goes again.
I am looking for a book of North American Fresh Water Crustaceans, would
like to see info on how to raise cultures of them as well....Sounds
lazy but would like the info from people that use those web sites or the
info to actually raise their own cultures, more or less proven techniques.<<<

Patrick (?) -

There are many books on crustacean biology, but to my knowledge, there are no
comprehensive books on culture of freshwater crustaceans.

Several freshwater invertebrate zoology books (in multiple editions) address
culture as a section in each of the taxon-based chapters - check out those by
Pennak and by Thorpe and Covich.

You might also try books on aquaculture (for crayfish), live food culture
(for entomostraca), and life history studies in journals (for individual
species in which you are interested).

Also - you might be interested in this:

Lawrence, S.G. 1981. Manual for the culture of selected freshwater
invertebrates. Can. Spec. Publ. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 54: 169 pp.

This book describes culture and mass culture techniques for ramshorn snails,
Daphnia (D. magna, D. pulex), brine shrimp, scuds (separate sections for
Hyalella and Gammarus lacustris), bloodworms (Chironomus), and burrowing
mayflies (Hexagenia). Chapters are written in a standard format: detailed
text on life history and ecology and toxicology, and cookbook style outlines
on collection, isolation, cultivation, and maintenance. The book was
available free shortly after it was published and so it was widely
distributed. Copies should be available-in-university libraries (especially
those carrying Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences) or
through interlibrary loans. NANFA's Jay DeLong made high-quality scans of
these and sold them for a while (with permission from the publishers) to
interested members.

- Jan Hoover
Vicksburg, MS

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