NANFA-L-- Fishes of the Middle Savannah River Basin

Michael Wolfe (
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 08:28:50 -0500

With all the talk this book generated, I thought I would talk about the

I live here in Athens, and my wife works for the University (no she is not
a biology professor and is not writing a book, so I can't help there) so
she was able to go over to the University press and get me a copy. I have
the book here and have been looking through it since last night. I cannot
comment on the scientific merits, I wil leave that to others of you who are
more qualified. I can say that it is a wonderful addition to my "Fishes
of..." collection. Of particular note are the photographs which are very
clear, bright and seem to have been taken in amost all cases of live fish
in the water. The photos all seem to be attributesd to David E Scott...
the name sound familiar, but I'm not sure I know him, but it is very nice
work. There are of course, maps (no overall distribution maps, only maps
of the area in question), keys, etc. There are also several interesting
tables, one for example breaks out the total number of fish collected of
each species and then breaks down by percentage the numbers that were
captred from various habitats (strwam, river, swamp, lake).

If anyone would like more information about the book (something that I can
tell you by looking-in-the copy that I have right here), I would be more
than wiling to share information.

Also, my wife asked about multiple copies and a potential discount for
NANFA if I bought some books in quantity. The lady-in-UGA press seemed to
indicate that this would be possible. So I was wondering if anyone would
be interested in obtaining a copy for a discount and a donation to NANFA?
I think I coud offer-in-east a 10% discount to NANFA mambers and still have
a few bucks left over to donate back to NANFA. If I could get some
official support from the BOD like a tax i.d. number I could maybe get out
of paying any tax and do even better for everyone. The only down side
would be that I would like to be abe to deliver these to evryone-in-the
convention (to avoid shipping costs). I am going to call UGA Press today
and see what I can possibly work out. Anyone interested?

Michael Wolfe
Northe Georgia, Oconee River Drainage

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