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Peter Unmack (peter.lists at)
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 11:04:28 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Irate Mormon wrote:

> I was somewhat surpised by Peter's implied statement that there is
> little prestige attached.

I think that anywhere outside of higher academia this type of work is
thought of quite highly. Just an unfortunate annoying quirk of academia.

> I guess I thought that these state books were important enough so that
> they would be well funded so that the researchers' time could be largely

State books are extremely important, indeed that is how you get the
majority of the information in a form that is accessible to the majority
of people who need to know that information. A good state fish book is
probably the greatest resource a state can have. You have to remember
though, the majority of fishes in state fish books are not game fishes,
and most state money comes from game fishes. Thus who is going to pay for

> Like a lot of hobbyists, I don't have the time or money to read
> professional journals, so state fish books are my main souce of
> information.

Outside of academia and Chris Scharpf I doubt very many people read all
that much in the way of journals, most fish biologists who work in the
real world probably don't track more than 3-4 journals. So you aren't
that unusual,-in-least relative to your reading habits. :-)

Peter Unmack
Canadian River, Oklahoma
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