NANFA-L-- Re: Merry misadventures

Mysteryman (
Thu, 31 Mar 2005 15:40:20 -0800

Oh, I almost forgot; it turns out that I have sleep apnea, which means
that on an average of 25 times per hour, I simply stop breathing until I
wake up enough to start again. How nice. At least now I know why I'm
always so tired all the time.
It's also possibly why I couldn't remember something like Golden Club's
name? LOL!

By the way, I didn't keep any of the fish I caught today, since they
weren't what I wanted. That's why IDing the two mystery fish has been so
tricky; I have to do it from memory. I have to go back to the clinic
again next week, so maybe I'll keep a specimen or two for keying if we
can't figure it out before then. Any ideas on those, now that the plants
are identified? Oooh, gotta remember to take a shovel next week for some
Golden Club plants. Anybody want some of those?
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