Re: NANFA-L-- online list of natives

Mysteryman (
Mon, 06 Mar 2006 20:49:20 -0800

I also have that book. It's pretty good, but nothing comparable to
really good ones like the new Fishes of Alabama book, for example.

At least two of the carolina fishes on Patrick's list, The Carolina
Pygmy Sunfish & the Cape Fear Shiner, are endangered and fully
protected, and the others might be as well for all I know.
Some 30 years ago I used to live in Dunn, NC and I collected Cape Fears
all the time, not knowing what they were or what an endangered species
was. As I recall, they weren't "all that," being a somewhat unattractive
assemblage of pale yellow, olive green, and black. I do remember that
their tummies were very thin-skinned and you could see their black guts,
and I think their mouths were black, too, but I'm sure about that part.
Anyway, after that they were just typical fish, and they ate the same
stuff I fed to the others.
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