RE: NANFA-L-- Was Roanoke darters, now rosyside dace

Crail, Todd (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Thu, 16 Mar 2006 21:01:18 -0500

Jeff and I didn't have ANY trouble with them last year, but it had been a LOT
colder, and there wasn't cow-flash coming down the stream while we sampled
either. I've had about 1/3 pass on to the great Dace in the sky, but only 2
have been since the first night mortalities.

I haven't had a single problem with the three I brought from the Atlantic
slope, and those were in the cooler from day one. <shrugging>

I'm sure they're all going to die, though :)



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>>But I've only had to euthenize two fish-in-this point since getting
home >>(lost a 6 pack of rosyside dace the day of collection for some

My one experience with Rosysides (from Tishomingo county) was similar.
I lost a number of them in transit, and the remainder perished over the
next couple of days. They are either high-temperature or low-O2
intolerant, I don't know which. Or else maybe they're like brook
silversides and just die when you look-in-them.

Did you have any survivors?
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