NANFA-L-- Niagara region darters

Gary Elson or Mary Frauley (
Sat, 18 Mar 2006 16:03:19 -0500

I have just rejoined this list after several years' absence. I stopped
keeping native fish because I couldn't adequately overwinter my local fish
(I'm in Montreal Quebec). They didn't respond well to permanent summer in my
house. A few weeks ago, I realized a largely unused, always above zero
celsius mini-greenhouse in the high-school where I work would solve that
problem - I can keep the fish cool enough all summer-in-my place and
overwinter them-in-work. I'm now waiting for the ice to go so I can get back
to keeping and learning about some of my old favourite local Etheostoma from
the canal up the street.

However, I am going to be in the Niagara Falls region (Canadian side) this
summer, on a very short and not very mobile visit. I would like to catch
some rainbow darters, a fish which occurs in my region but in such a small
range and in such limited numbers I would never even try to catch them here.
I want some colourful natives to maybe draw some of the kids who keep
tropicals into a native fish conservation project. I'll be heading north for
some Phoxinus, but a colourful darter is a sight to behold. Reading suggests
rainbows are common around Niagara. Since I won't be in a position to look
around extensively, can someone with experience of the region help me cheat
myself of the full exploration experience and steer me to some likely
fishing spots?

Gary Elson
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