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Thanks guys.

Swannonas came from just outside the town and river of their namesake in the
Asheville area. They're all over in the trib streams of the French Broad up
there. There were PILES of them in Ivy Creek where I managed to get the
greenfins. I need to write up that whole story before I start on the next one

I forgot to mention that I threw in some Alabama stuff that I got a year ago.
The tricolor and blacktail redhorse were both from the Coosa (Hatchet Creek).
Gonna go get some more of those and others soon. This is pretty much what I
have left from what I collected due to all the problems I had with heat at
school. I am also going to take down my Asiatic Tank and go all native...
That tank will become my aggresive feeding SE US species, I'll have the other
as my more dainty SE US species tank. I'll have almost 300 gallons of native
here in the back room then :)

And this all reminds me... It looks like we're going to the Tampa area on
April 12th (hopefully a stop over in Chattynoo in the evening of the 12th? :)
for a long term turtle monitoring project-in-Rainbow Springs SP with Ry-o's
undergrad advisor from Eckerd. We plan to camp there, and then we're going to
make our way across the panhandle for costal plain species, and then up the
Coosa and Cahaba as we head north (need to be back by the 20th or 21st,
terminus for final drive will probably be Huntsville, Bruce). If you're in
this path, or familiar with can't miss spots along it it, please let me know!
I'm going to grab a FL gazzer this week.



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sure looks like a mirror shiner to me. long torpedo type body. triangular
caudal spot. big eye... blunt head. males are very impressive w/ an enlarged
colored dorsal fin. see them in the hiwassee and that region.

i think that cave fish is most intriqing.

im not sure about your tricolor id tho. tricolors... i see them a lot in the
conasauga and live in the cement pond. dorsal fin has more patterns.

tn snubs... vary a lot. could be the cumberland sub species. very green

where did you encounter the swannoa? the only place ive seen them is in the
little pigeon.
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