NANFA-L-- Jordanella spawn

Mysteryman (
Mon, 20 Mar 2006 18:30:41 -0800

My American Flagfish are spawning.

I had a whole bunch of them together in one tank, and they got along
fine together for months until last week when the males started to get
combative. I had a new 10-gallon planted tank set up with a dirt & sand
substrate, chocked full of plants with a pH of 7.8, so the timing on
that worked out quite well. I added 2 tablespoons of salt to it and
moved a pair of fish into it.
They didn't do much for the first two days as they got over their move,
as you might expect. I increased the photoperiod from 8 to 10 hours, and
two days later I increased the temperature to 80F. The next day the male
started to court the female, swimming around with his fins "at full
sail" all the time and shimmying in front of her & chasing her. The next
day, that is, today, I noticed the female trying to hide a lot behind
the filter, but then I saw that the male would periodically chase her
out from her refuge and lead her to a clump of java moss, where they
spawned several times during the day. That figures; I go to all the
trouble to provide a smooth sandy bottom for pit-digging, and they use moss.
Now the male stays in the moss clump all the time, guarding the eggs. So
far so good. This tank has no algae in it, though, being new & heavily
planted, so I'm not sure what to feed the fry. I'm guessing greenwater
for-in-least a week or two, followed by powdered spirulina flakes?
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