Re: NANFA-L-- Jordanella spawn

Joseph S. (
Mon, 20 Mar 2006 19:51:34 -0800

>From what I remember spawning mine they will take BBS, microworms or
similar from the start of being able to feed. Since they hop around on
the bottom like a bunch of bellysliders for the first few weeks
microworms tend to do better and they seem to take them happily unlike
other fry I've raised.

I kept a pair of adults outside on the patio in a critter keeper type
thing loaded with java moss and Najas. During the day the temperature
would rise to-in-the very least 80 degrees. Flake peas, and the
occasional bit of earthworm. Every week or so I would take out the
plants and replace them with new ones. The java moss/Najas with eggs
would be moved to a sweater box and left on the patio for a week or
two till the fry hatched. Got anywhere from 50-100 fry per spawn. Only
problem is that damselfly larvae managed to sneak in with the plants
so I lost lots of fry to them.

Has anyone found these guys to be aggressive? I found that
occasionally lesser females or males will be killed even in places
where it seems they would have adequate place to get away.
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