Derek Parr (
Wed, 22 Mar 2006 12:10:53 -0500

My bias is merely as a civilian, but I'd find an aquatic invert list to
be of more interest, but then there is no reason we couldn't talk about
crayfish on this list and have another one specifically for mollusks. I
also greatly prefer email lists over forums or "message boards". They
are much easier to access and read.
I find it much easier to keep up with messages that automatically get
sent to my email client and put into their own little folder where i can
read them (or not) with just a glance. Whereas, with message boards you
have to remember to login onto the web page, and then click around a bunch.

-derek parr
cape fear river basin

matt ashton wrote:
> I see where Bruce is coming from so here are two suggestions I have.
> Either mussels and nothing else, since they are related to native
> fish through host specificity, or include aquatic inverts such as
> snails, crayfish, and mussels etc. All of which are imperiled,
> understudied, and much of which we come acrossed when observing and
> collecting fish. In that case maybe or
> ?
> With the possibility of multiple email lists coming out, has a
> message board ever been brought up? Don't know if I'm opening up a
> can of worms or not because I know it would be much more time
> consuming for someone and probably more costly.
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