Crail, Todd (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Wed, 22 Mar 2006 18:46:51 -0500

Good suggestions folks. Really, as I thought about it... is
pretty danged on to it. Either you're into the other stuff you see when
you're seining or your not. I think anyone who hollers in joy over a mussel
is gonna be the same person who hollers over a stonefly, crayfish, or aquatic
isopod. Of course, I'm not saying "this is the way it's gonna be" :)

Yeah, we've already gone through the whole idea of a bulletin board with the
Board, and it's not worth it, mainly because someone is going to have to set
it up (we're NOT asking for volunteers ;), and then it's just a pain for the
reasons mentioned by Derek. Email works great because you can set up rules to
have different addresses just go to folders, and it would take all of 15
minutes to set up, if that. So we'll keep to an email list if we did it.

I'm curious why we'd need a rule about posting locality data? I don't see why
any other organisms would be any different than fish. If they were Fed
Listed, any of that information can be obtained through the Freedom of
Information Act with a pile of paper. And if someone wants to go spouting
about it, it's their name on the email, not NANFA. I'd be more concerned
about people posting about topics that have nothing to do with aquatic inverts
or North American streams etc than about the whereabouts of imperilled

The Randy Pike Madness, Toledo, OH
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From: on behalf of Derek Parr
Sent: Wed 3/22/2006 12:10 PM
Subject: Re: NANFA-L--

My bias is merely as a civilian, but I'd find an aquatic invert list to
be of more interest, but then there is no reason we couldn't talk about
crayfish on this list and have another one specifically for mollusks. I
also greatly prefer email lists over forums or "message boards". They
are much easier to access and read.
I find it much easier to keep up with messages that automatically get
sent to my email client and put into their own little folder where i can
read them (or not) with just a glance. Whereas, with message boards you
have to remember to login onto the web page, and then click around a bunch.

-derek parr
cape fear river basin
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