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> Dear OBS Institutional Representative:
> Three new positions-in-ORSANCO have been created since the
> recent email was sent to you. These positions involve work in water
> quality on the Ohio River. Once again, those interns selected will
> be employees of MBI, but will be supervised in the field by
> ORSANCO. The pay is $1,750 per month for about 6 months work,
> beginning in May, 2006.
> Please open the attached Word document and provide copies of
> it to interested undergraduate and graduate students for which this
> type of employment might be attractive. Thank you for your
> cooperation in making this opportunity known.
> With warm regards, Brian Armitage
> Dr. Brian J. Armitage, Exec. Director
> Midwest Biodiversity Institute, Inc.
> P.O. Box 21561
> Columbus, OH 43221-0561
> 614-457-6000 Phone
> 614-457-6005 FAX

Water Quality Specialist Internships

6-month Internships (3 openings) specializing in water quality monitoring
and assessment of the Ohio River available with the Ohio River Valley Water
Sanitation Commission.

Internship Period: May through October with some flexibility possible.

Salary: $1,750 per month, no benefits, paid holidays.

Location: Cincinnati, OH with travel throughout the Ohio

Internship Description

The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission is an interstate water
pollution control agency for the Ohio River. It currently has a program to
monitor the entire Ohio River for bacteria to evaluate the suitability of
the river for contact recreation, and to support state and US EPA programs
to develop total maximum daily loads as required under the federal Clean
Water Act.

Boat water quality surveys in combination with mobile laboratory bacteria
analyses are conducted over a fifteen week period from June through October,
to complete five longitudinal surveys of the entire Ohio River. In
addition, field preparation and data handling and analysis will be required.
Interns may assist in conducting recreational use/boater surveys of the Ohio
River, as well as other water quality surveys of algae, dissolved metals and
dissolved oxygen/temperature profiling.


Current college enrollment or graduate in an environmental or science
curriculum. Ability to travel extensively. Valid drivers license. Ability
to spend extended daytime hours on a boat. Moderate physical requirements.
Ability to work well with a team in the field.

ORSANCO offers a flexible work environment and the opportunity to gain
valuable experience in environmental monitoring and assessment, and
networking with local, state, federal, and private environmental

Please Contact: Jason Heath or Sam Dinkins

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