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Tue, 28 Mar 2006 05:24:10 -0800

There are some indigenous stands of redwood in China as it turns out...
dawn redwood, Metasequoia glyptostroboides. I'm partial to live oak
myself. The latest flap around here is the salmon season... because of
low Klamath River fish count, total commercial closure is being
discussed. There are other runs, but they are all mixed up while feeding
off shore. I just read an article in the SF Chronicle that mentioned the
vineyard boom as being partially responsible, sucking all the water out
of the creeks and displacing live oak stands. There are a lot of new
rules and restrictions because of this, and one long term Northern
California resident was quoted as saying there used to be water in the
summer all the way up the river twenty years ago, and now much of it is
consistently dry. One vineyard replanted the creekbed with native shade
trees and plants, and many are now planting cover crops in between the
rows to ease erosion that ends up silting the gravel spawning beds for
the salmon. Topsoil loss is greatly reduced according to the numbers I
saw, so it's a good thing to do anyway in this case. I think "they"
still are obstinate about clear cutting the forests, another major
contributor of silt, but that is a taboo topic for some reason.

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