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Mike Haren (
Wed, 29 Mar 2006 07:01:48 -0500

I see your point on NJ fish status, I haven't seen any sign myself of
any decline on native species, I see more of a problem of exotic
introduction than anything else. (koi) being top on my observation
list. I tend to find them in almost every body of water I come to ,
second would have to be the Gambusia affinis which one lake I have
found them to be in over abundance. I have even collected them in
small, slow moving streams.

As for the flyier, it was my second choice but I have never seen one
to make that observation. I had ruled out the blue spotted due to the
fact no blue was present. In the photo's the fish are a bit stressed
and the stripping had become more faded then-in-the time of collection.

Thanks for the help,

Mike H.
TomsRIver NJ

> Howdy Mike,
> The only other species it could be is a young flier, but my vote goes
> for a
> banded. Perhaps someone who sees them more frequently than I will
> chime in.
> Remember that their habitat in PA is limited (confined mainly to the
> coastal
> plain), and by having Philly and associated megalopolis plopped right
> in the
> best of their chances for their prefered gradient... well dang.
> Another way to look-in-it is... NJ _was_ the coastal plain of PA
> during the
> last glacial episode :)
> I don't think there's anything-in-all to be concerned about. PA was
> relatively remnant habitat to begin with, it's pretty easy to see why
> they got
> into trouble there. I wouldn't gauge your activity on their state's
> list.
> It's quite possible that there isn't anything in trouble in NJ because
> it was
> depauperate to begin with, and everything that lived there has enough
> habitat
> to not worry over.
> Todd
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