Re: NANFA-L-- spiral strip
Fri, 31 Mar 2006 11:38:02 EST

todd made a comment a while back about using the philips "reveal"
incandescent bulbs.
i put a couple in some spotlights directed-in-a 7 gallon bottle tank. the
plants do seem to be growing very well now. ive tried lots of bulbs in these
screw in fixtures. spots, halogen, standard, compacts, grow spots and bulbs.
some burn out way to quick... especially the plant gro bulbs. others dont really
seem to kick growth in gear.
my biggest success w/ plants tho is the move to a kitty litter substrate and
compact flo bulbs.
i still have screw in flo bulbs over a couple 10 gallon tanks that are
lush... but lush w/ java fern, moss and anubis which seems like they will grow in
any almost condition. good for beginners who want green live plants.
recently i switched to compact flos-in-2 school aquaria, 30 gallon florida
tanks w/ no air or filtration. just timed lighting w/ a variety of plants. i
had replaced a standard single plant flo tube. plants had been ok but kinda
spindly especially millfoil and anacraris. now ive made more work for myself
because the plant growth is very fast requiring much more maintenance! but
generally the fish seem to appreciate lots of plants if they do have some open
areas to frolic in.
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