RE: RE: NANFA-L-- The myth of restoration?

Brett E. Kemker, Ph.D. (
Fri, 6 May 2005 11:15:26 -0500

DM said...
"I am willing to take action, in the public
arena, to educate concerning the problems. First, with Todd's
approach -- but we have to get people hooked. It may take money. I'll
put up some (I'm not rich, I work for a living). But let's get busy on
the public."

Right on Dave! I too am in the education business. I recall a Tampa Bay
Aquarium Society convention that was held-in-the state fair. We were in a
huge tent lined up with all of the other attractions. There were more
"non-fish keepers" than there were hobbyists moving through. We spoke to a
lot of people who had no idea about how far the hobby can go. By increasing
our visibility we raised awareness. I wonder why we don't have fish shows
in shopping malls like the orchid folks (of which I'm one). I agree it
sounds disgusting but think of the impact.
Good things,

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