Re: NANFA-L-- F. julisia (was myth of restoration)

Irate Mormon (
Sun, 08 May 2005 16:51:57 -0400

Quoting Mysteryman <>:

> True, but they're spread too thin. They do a lot more than julisias, and
> their julisia production is not as high as it should be. Sure, it's nice
> that they're doing what they're doing, but it really sucks that no one
> else is allowed to do it as well when they can't do enough.

Well, here's the problem with that: Both NANFA and NFC have some type of
breeder program. NFC's was a little more agressive - they would send you any of
the fish that were listed as available, and the recipient was supposed to send
back data when they bred the fish. They sent a LOT of fish to a LOT of
"breeders", and NOT ONE person returned a report of succeessful spawning.

Bob Muller was, and I guess still is, running a breeders program for NANFA.
Maybe he's had better results?

Realistically, there are maybe three people in NANFA, who are primarily
hobbyists, who I would consider capable of maintaining captive populations of
imperiled fishes. Bob and Lee Harper are two of 'em. The third I don't really
know well enough to put his name out there, cuz' I could be wrong. But it is
clear to me that the pool of aquarists who are actually capable, for a variety
of reasons - not just aquaristic ability, of long-term captive propagation of
imperiled fauna, is considerably smaller than the vast reservior of folks who
would love to give it the old college try.

> Believe it or not, Walmart. Walmart would let us have access. Even if
> they drained it, they'd pay to relocate the fish for some good public
> relations.

Man, are you optimistic! :-)

I don't have the same view as a lot of folks on this list regarding
environmentalism, but sheesh!


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always votes for the candidates promising the most money from
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