Re: NANFA-L-- F. julisia (was myth of restoration)

Mysteryman (
Mon, 09 May 2005 00:17:29 -0700

Bob Muller wrote:

>The NANFA breeders award program was designed to gather a data base from
>hobbyists on the breeding of our native fish. This was to be assessable to
>both other hobbyists and pros. I thought wouldn't it be great if someone
>starting to study say common shiners, would be able to read 100 reports on
>there captive propagation. I hoped that a large amount of data contributed
>by hobbyists would show the pros how valuable hobbyists contribution could
>be. Strengthen the idea that our collecting and working with natives was
>more than just the fact that we wanted to keep the fish. Personally I think
>that sounds more aggressive then the NFC's program, they give fish to other
>hobbyists I want to add knowledge to the scientific community. Hey guys we
>really showed them our value. Four people have sent breeders reports in
>since we started the program. Why even start the data base. I keep hearing
>how if someone was only allowed to have and breed a rare fish they would
>save the species, words are cheap, I haven't seen any action. Why don't
>some of you prove me wrong send in a breeders report or bring it to Little
>Bob Muller
Fine. Fix the submission form so that it'll actually accept reports,
and I'll send some. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been stymied
by this.
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