NANFA-L-- TNC bad! WAL-MART good!

Christopher Scharpf (
Mon, 09 May 2005 20:36:40 -0400

> Believe it or not, Walmart. Walmart would let us have access. Even if
> they drained it, they'd pay to relocate the fish for some good public
> relations.

The trouble with the above statement is that it presupposes the pond's only
value is as a source for welaka for someone's aquarium. Sure, welaka is a
species worth saving. But I and others would argue that the pond in and of
itself -- and everything that lives in it, and feed on and around it,
including the welaka nest hosts -- is worth saving, too.

Regarding CFI and Barrens topminnow [BTM], you said:

> The last I heard, they were not having as much success as you give them. Does
> the Aquarium even have them anymore? For all the broodstock they have, they
> weren't producing a proportionate number of fry....They do a lot more than
julisias, and their julisia production is not as high as it should be.

Where do you get your information?

According to J.R.:

"We are producing great numbers of fish [F. julusia]. Yes, we're spread
thin, but the problem with the BTM project is #$!^&% mosquitofish! Pretty
much anywhere they're present, the topminnows don't reproduce successfully.
A study-in-Tennessee Tech has pretty well demonstrated this. But, there are
some good sites with a lot of potential where we think the topminnows may do

"So, yes we're spread thin, but it has not hampered topminnow work-in-all.
We also have the Tennessee Aquarium producing fish. We almost have more fish
than places to put them right now!"

I'm sorry, but it's not fair that you're criticizing CFI, and making
unsupported statements about their operation, when you clearly don't have a
grasp of the facts.

Chris Scharpf

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