Re: NANFA-L-- Pteronotropis question

Mysteryman (
Sun, 15 May 2005 00:31:44 -0700

Bob Muller wrote:

>Looking in the Alabama book, they say there are 7 Pteronotropis. I have
>some P. stonei, lowland shiners from last years convention in South
>Carolina, that would make 8 sp. The Pteronotrpis in the Alabama book only
>have ranges a little way into Georgia. What is the range of Lowland shiners
>and are there more sp. described between Alabama and South Carolina?
>Bob muller

There are 9 species, and possibly a tenth. Some of these occur in a very
limited range, and in many cases the ranges do not overlap. I haven't
been able to pin down the exact range of stonei, but what little info
I've found seems to indicate northeast Georgia and southern South
Carolina in an area only about 180 miles wide.


Spawned 3 so far, only 6 to go!
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