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Moon, that's exactly what it does. It reacts with water to break the hydrogen free. The heat then tends to ognite the hydrogen. I did exactly what your grandfather did but in an old water filled quarry. Imagine a miniture nuclear explosion, mushroom cloud and all and you will get the picture. In addition, the other byproduct is sodium hydroxide which increases pH immensely killing and stunning fish. In this case it was mostly stunted sunnies. After I did this the fishing actually improved the following year! Not a recommended technique though!


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> Sodium metal is pretty powrful too when tossed into a small pond as I found
> out as a teen. Of course that was my inspiration to become a chemist too!

Doesn't that give off hydrogen? My grandfather told me about putting lime in
a jug with a tiny hole and weighting it down in the water. it would take a few
minutes but it would give a very nice explosion that killed or injured fish
that could be picked up by holding seine across the river-in-the top of the
riffles after the deep hole you blew up. I always thought it was sad because it
killed all the small fish as well as the eating size ones.


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