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Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Tue, 31 May 2005 16:06:11 -0500

The Spring 2005 issue of American Currents is out...and its one of the best
issues ever...thanks to the expert editorial skills of Bob Bock and Chris
Scharpf...and to the wealth of experience provided by a star-studded lineup
of native fish aquarists and naturalists!

Feature articles are:
"Breeding the southern sheepshead minnow, Cyrpinodon variegatus variegatus"
by Charlie Nunziata
"Are Temperate Fishes More Difficult to Spawn than Tropicals" by Bob Muller
"The Changing Role of Aquarists in Aquatic Conservation" by Peter Unmack
"Madtoms: Some Cool Cats" by Jeremy Tiemann
"Sampling New York State's Bashakill Marsh and Stream" by Norman Soule
"Fine Fare for Native Fishes: The Fairy Shrimp, Streptocephalus seali"
" Naming Names (and Often Changing Them): A Native Fish Hobbyists's Guide to
Zoological Nomenclature" by Chris Scharpf
"Elassoma: Great Fish for Small Quarters" by Dustin Smith
"In Praise of Poeciliids Part I: Heterandria and Gambusia" by Bob Bock

And as if that were not enough:
Summaries of two new books on sturgeons, two new books on salmon, news about
endangered species Puget Sound steelhead and green sturgeon, taxonomic
changes for leatherside chub, observations on spawning goldstripe darters.
Member related news includes discoveries of new mudpuppies, an upcoming trip
to Florida, and highlights from Regional Outreach programs.

If you are a paid-up member - check your mailbox.
If you are not a member - join. This issue alone is worth the cost of your

- Jan Hoover
Vicksburg, MS

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