Re: NANFA-L-- first snorkel of 2006
Fri, 5 May 2006 11:16:50 EDT

after talking w/ you last night i pulled out my fishes of tn and the new
bama book... regarding the rosefin vs scarlet shiner. i see that were split into
3 sub species. from my attempts to decipher i think what i have seen around
my area must be the "new" scarlets. the one in the cement pond is awesome and
stays that way throughout the year. the vertical banding on the sides is very
unique. metallic blue... and a bit like the spotfin chubs / tourquoise
your blog journal w/ pics bruce is very cool. maybe i should give it a try.
maybe you can walk me through it one night.
those stripe shiners are a wonderful gift. throughout the year and most of
their life just a plain common fish that is tough and can live in some pretty
rough urban streams. but-in-a male individual's peak they morph into one of
the most intense fishes one can encounter... and big they can be too.
eager to get back out...
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