Re: NANFA-L-- first snorkel of 2006
Fri, 5 May 2006 16:33:40 EDT

ive been trying to predict clarity of water for years but i dont think it
can be done. :)
the best i can figure is a good long gentle rain flushes the green and if it
is still cool temps before the algae reblooms the water might be clear for a
few days. alage results from the excessive nutrients ( fertilizers, cow
poop, runoff ) and sun / warmth. the most clarity i have caught is in the winter
but too dang cold even for a chubby walrus like me.
i try to hit the railroad bridge below the homestead when i think it is
clear for a quick looksee. i will keep matt posted if a snorkel day looks
promising! generally poor chick is always green... very rarely brown which would be
very bad. that creek sure can change a lot in levels. i would like to see it
300 years ago.
just had a guy visit my shop doing a political survey. he said... "is that a
darter!" "is that a bowfin?" turns out he is a former icthee ( fish )
student from illinois. currently a big turtle and kayakeer from rome. we may have a
new member for the se. i sent him away w/ a copy of a flame chubed ac and a
promise to get down to rome for a snorkel ala kayak.
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