Re: NANFA-L-- first snorkel of 2006
Fri, 5 May 2006 16:56:19 EDT

i have lost every one of my water thermo gauges and not sure i will get
another unless they come in a size large and hot pink.
my experienced guess is about 68 for the creek and 62 for the spring. its
been a warm early spring.
i does not get in when the water is 60 or less. every bit of exposed skin
will hurt. much.
80 is wonderful, which is what the conasauga will be in july for all you
first time snorkelers. conasauga... the best place to experience snorkling and
some fish are still-in-the parade.
seinerama 2 july 6,7 and 8. perfect snorkel time.
now the hiwassee is another story! coldddd. dam flows.
on saturday july 8 we will probably do both as they are 30 minutes apart yet
hundreds of miles apart as the water flows. 2 different and unique
inhabitants. tangerine darters and mirror shiners in one and alabama and tricolors and
bronze darters in the other. way cool.
ive got 3 registerees already. i need 2 more to make it work w/ the cabin
rental and am limiting it to 10 for logistics. great opportunity for those
bob and leo should drive south!

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