Re: NANFA-L-- Leptolucania ommata - pygmy killifish

Mysteryman (
Mon, 08 May 2006 00:15:58 -0700

Derek Parr wrote:

> Leptolucania ommata
> Pygmy killifish
> says that this fish "is difficult to maintain in aquarium"
> is there any truth to that?
> it appears to be the kind of fish that you can throw into a planted
> tank and forget.. is this not the case?
> -derek parr
> chapel hill, nc
> /--------

Needs live food and prefers very peaceful & quiet tankmates in a
densely planted tank. You can forget it IF you have a really good little
ecosystem going full of suitable food critters, but otherwise you'll
have to feed it tiny live foods. A good tankmate for fish like Pygmy
Sunfishes & Bluefin Killies. However you consider those two ( easy or
hard ) is how you'd consider L.ommata.
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